Blackpool Cup


Blackpool Cup 2017 - Big and Better !!!

After an amazing 2016 tournament, the Blackpool Cup is back bigger and better. With 10 different nationalities attending in 2017, this is true International football tournament. The tournament was rated very high by those teams who participated, with the result being the Blackpool Cup being the top rated tournament out of nearly 100 International tournaments operated by Euro-Sportring in 2016.

Some of the world's most succesful football clubs are based in the north-west of England. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton are all clubs will big histories and fan base. It was only natural that the tournament location would be in an area on the UK, were football is much more than just a game. Freindly rivalry between fans from all divisions of football, are always topical conversations, and no matter if your team is playing in the premiership or non-league, football in the north-west has always a way to create conversation.

Blackpool annually attracts over 5.5m visitors, and with so many attractions including one of Europe's largest roller coaster 'Pepsi Max Big One', you are sure of a great expereince. A popular resort for locals, nationals and always foreigners, you are always welcome to this hive of activity and adventure. This tournament has always been well represented by a vast array of nationalities. All drawn to this location for the chance of competing against teams from England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. But, also to have the opportunity to be so close to stadium tours at a host of premierhsip or championship football clubs.


Welcome in Blackpool - Mixing Fun with Football !

Gavin Mcintyre - Euro-Sportring